Your time, money, & memories are too valuable to trust to a search engine.

Let's do this together.

Planning a European vacation can be a logistical nightmare.
Why do it yourself when you don't have to?
I'll make sure your trip to Europe is stress-free, picture perfect, and full of memorable moments you'll relive again and again.
plan a vacation to Europe

Planning a vacation
is about
anticipating moments
that turn into

End the overwhelm.



Let's Chat.

Tell me a little bit about what you have in mind for this trip. What are you dreaming of, frustrated with, overwhelmed by, and most excited about?
I will follow up either by phone or email with some questions and ideas to get the ball rolling. Then, if you feel good about moving forward...



Let's Make it Official.

To make the process quick and easy, I will email you my 10 Minute New Client Packet and request that you submit it from your favorite device. Once your completed New Client Packet lands in my inbox, I will charge my design retainer to your credit card on file and add you to my client roster.



Let's Make a Plan.

If I were a dressmaker, the first thing I would need to do is make a pattern, right? By now, you’ve given me all the information I need (no measurements required) to design the pattern—or “shell” as I like to call it—of your trip. I’ll send it over to collect your feedback, make any necessary adjustments, then begin the process of booking your trip, designing fun-filled daily activities, and handling all of your concierge requests.



Let's Make Some Memories.

I will create a beautiful set of travel documents for you to access before and during your trip. Before you leave, we will sit down together and walk through your itinerary to make sure all of your questions are answered and everything is just right. While you’re away, my team will be on call to make sure that nothing gets in the way of your memory making.

Are you ready for your Jetlag Experience?