Quick Facts About Moi


Family + Personal

I am married to a pretty special guy named Joe, and we have a 10 year old daughter named Chayce. When we aren't following her around to gymnastics meets, school programs, & basketball games, you can probably find us having a beer on the patio, a glass of wine at Funky Door, or a turkey sandwich at Evie Mae's. I am a Lubbock native, but I love to travel and do so as often as possible. My husband and I are both Texas Tech grads and we proudly cheer on our Red Raiders at every home game.


Favorite Things

Besides Europe? Summertime. Yoga. Big, chewy red wines. Tailgating. Spicy curry on cold days. Long runs when the weather turns chilly.


Guilty Pleasures

My mama's fried chicken. Spa days. Beach trips where I do absolutely nothing. My job (yep, it's sad but true!).

Favorite City

Paris. No question.


I can't get enough of...

Cuddles with my kiddo. Small town Italy. Handmade pasta. Breathtaking views. Fresh air in the Swiss Alps. Really great wine. Hot coffee on a cold patio.


I Can't Live Without

Jesus. My favorite people. Coffee. Air conditioning. Reliable wi-fi + a Macbook Pro. Champagne. Super soft sheets. In that order.


Recent Obsession

Music by Queen. I've played nothing but since the movie Bohemian Rhapsody came out!

2018 Travel Log +
Personal Photos

  • Family fun in the Swiss Alps · day trip to Berne · visit to Luzern
  • Rome: a little history & culture for my daughter · meetings with local suppliers · updating self-guided experiences
  • Greece: checking out beach resorts (spoiler: they're all stunning) · time off in the Aegean sun + sea
  • Munich: a little bit of Bavarian summer in one of my favorite places
  • Tuscany & Emilia-Romagna, Italy: food, wine, & meeting with important local suppliers to develop exceptional foodie experiences for my clients (I know, it's a tough job!)
  • You can follow along with my travel journal on Facebook, Instagram (@thejetlagexperience), or my blog!